Santa on Gay Street in Greenwich Village New York – NYC Christmas Greeting Cards Set of 6


This Holidays Greeting Cards feature Santa walking on Gay Street in Greenwich Village in New York. This Greeting Card will be appropriate as a part of personal or corporate gift. Bulk order discount available.

Christmas time in New York City is about much more than just the exchange of special gifts and Season’s Greetings. To put it simply, Christmas time in New York is synonymous with a special kind of modern-day romanticism and nostalgia.

This is why come the festive season, millions of people find themselves captivated by the fairytale-like marvel of traditional Rockefeller Center Christmas tree decorations, romantic alleys of Central Park, not to mention the timeless snow blanketed panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Thankfully, no matter where you might be in the world this Christmas, you too can now celebrate the majesty of Christmas time in the Big Apple, thanks to our exclusive Christmas Card collection. With each card in the “Christmas in New York” collection adorned with captivating photography by Igor Maloratsky, you will be able to gift remarkable and ultimately beautiful Marry Christmas and Season’s Greetings cards to your friends and loved ones.

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