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We continue our support of Staten Island Famous Christmas Display. Joe DiMartino (owner) raising funds for Children Cancer unit and we invite everybody to visit this amazing Christmas attraction and show your support for this great cause. We promise a lot of fun for a whole family. Please download flyer below for holiday schedule and times of Santa special appearance on the site.

Read a Story behind this Christmas Miracle.

pdf-downloadChristmas Display in Staten Island – Events Schedule

Christmas Display in Staten Island 2016 Schedule

Christmas in New York Holidays Display NYC 10Christmas in New York is a lot of fun which is a well known fact and the reason why millions of people all over the world hoping to get here and join festivities. Every year there is something new and exciting in Manhattan and 2015 Winter Holidays in NYC is not an exception.

Famous Christmas store, locating at 530 5th Ave (between 43th and 44th streets), created amazing Christmas installation in a basement – “North Pole in New York City”. You will meet Santa Clause, elves, reindeer and all other “magic characters” that will definitely add to “Christmas Spirit”. After surfing “Christmas Land” you can have your picture taken with family or friends and create another great memory for years to come.

p_0003It is the most famous nature playground in “the city that never sleeps,” estimated to be worth a mind-blowing $528,783,552,000! New York City’s Central Park is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world.
The idea for Central Park came about in the mid 1800s when the city decided to set aside some land so that its residents could have a wonderful place to escape the constant buzz of the big city. They cleared 750 acres and began landscaping the Park.

New York Christmas Village Panorama

New York Christmas Village Panorama

Is Christmas really just for one day? For many more of us than we might like to admit, Christmas is something of a chore. What we are supposed to celebrate as advent, we simply deal with instead in rushes to and from work, whilst at the same time attempting to balance shopping and surprise gift giving to people we won’t actually see on the big day. Christmas never used to be like this though. Christmas never used to be just one day on a calendar, peppered either side with quiet hopes that we haven’t missed anybody important off our respective Christmas card lists. Rather, Christmas used to be an annual extravaganza of fun and an ultimately magical kind of mayhem.

Holidays in New York make everything look different, more inviting and magical. Every neighborhood put up Christmas Decorations and we captured few decorated scenes from famous Little Italy in Downtown Manhattan. Magic is in the air! definitely worth a visit during your Holiday vacation.

Christmas Home Decor New York Style

Christmas Home Decor New York Style

Christmas Season in New York is here and a lot of people around our neighborhood in Charleston on Staten Island putting up Christmas Decorations around their houses. This year we decided incorporate “Santa on Poet Walk in Central Park” framed picture in our Holiday Design.

So far everybody  loves it. Would like to get your opinion.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays!

Santa is Coming very soon to New York City…

Happy Holidays!


New York Getting Ready for Christmas and today we captured famous hi-rise building located at 230 Park Ave ( and 46th Street ) – Helmsley Building. It looks spectacular with a Red and Green, traditional Christmas, light show that was created to cover this building from top to bottom. Absolutely beautiful. Best view from Park Ave North.

di martino house entrance with Christmas DecorStories behind Christmas… Every family has its own, but DiMartino story is truly inspirational.

People see what they expect to see. Wouldn’t you be surprised to see exquisite, animated Christmas installation, that should be in Holiday Decorated windows of the most exclusive Manhattan stores, around a corner, on a quiet street, in the far south corner of Staten Island?

I was shocked, when I saw Joes display before Christmas for the first time few years ago. I always appreciate real talent and decided to find out more about people created this Christmas Wonderland in our neighborhood.

Staten Island is also known as borough with a lot of parks. Snug Harbor is one of the most developed and fun places to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

Children Museum, Music Hall, Chinese Garden and beautiful park are among main attractions of Snag Harbor but there even more to see and enjoy.

We spent beautiful afternoon last Sunday and took pictures of colorful foliage and picturesque scenery. We even found Christmas Ornaments and Santa Hats in the middle of Healing Garden loan. Was kind of strange to see it on a green grass on 9th of November but it became clear a little later – family was taking picture, probably preparing for NY Christmas Cards “family style”.

snug harbor christmas ornaments

Landscaping in Snug Harbor is really worth mentioning. There are many unusual plants around the park and even today it is still in great shape and colors are exquisite.

New York Christmas Village Panorama

New York Christmas Village Panorama

Every year after Thanksgivings Day Christmas Joe DiMartino opening one of the most spectacular Christmas outdoor Displays in Staten Island. Admission is free, but any donations are deeply appreciated and go to support the Outpatient Children’s Cancer Unit at Staten Island University Hospital. Display hours 5-11 pm throughout the holiday season and into January.

Owner and designer Joe DiMartino

Owner and designer Joe DiMartino

Christmas of 2014 getting closer and we hope this year Joe’s Christmas Wonderland will get even more attention than the last time. Joe promised something new and “big” this year. I live in Staten Island, walking distance from Joe’s house. For a few years I am  volunteering on promoting his Christmas Village to spread the word about this family and charity they support.

After last Christmas I received a letter from Joe and was really proud that all our efforts pay back and we are able to help those in need:

“Hi Lilia!
We just wanted to say thank you for the article and getting the word out about our Christmas Wonderland Fundraiser. We had so many visitors this year and thanks to your website and the beautiful weather and all our advertising we raised more money than we did last year. We are truly happy to have such a large check to hand the Children’s Cancer Unit at SIUH and we are thankful for wonderful people like you who help spread the word.
All the best in the New Year and happiness always.
Joe & Marisa DiMartino”

Christmas Display will be open for visitors right after Thanksgiving Day and I can’t wait to see what’s new Joe designed for this year! Joe and his family working hard to finish everything in time for grand opening. Visitors will see new beautiful Christmas decorations and meet new members at our own North Pole.

Come and bring your kids, friends and even pets. Everybody will enjoy this spectacular place and it will help to get in a Christmas spirit.

Joe DiMartino’s Christmas Wonderland welcomes everyone!

Happy Holidays!

We will let you know about Santa schedule soon.

Lilia Maloratskiy