If there’s one way to describe NYChristmasGifts.com, it’s this: the essence of Christmas in New York artistically crafted and wrapped in creative and unique print and design gifts. Whether you want to give a special someone cards or photo cards on Christmas or have a visiting friend remember the best of New York through a Christmas ornament, you’ve come to the right place.

Imagine New York City’s landscape in Christmas – trees adorned with twinkling lights, snow on the streets, huge Christmas decorations surrounding various streets, people enjoying coffee as they take breaks from Christmas shopping, street vendors as happy as the air around them, ice skating in Central Park. It’s beautiful, memorable, and awe-inspiring all the same time. We’re creating gifts that allow you to always have a captured moment from this very image of Christmas in New York.

Who We Are

Lilia_Maloratsky_Central_Park NYChristmasGifts.com was established about 15 years ago, stemming from sheer passion, love for this city, and inspiration gained from the ambience and feel of Christmas in New York.

I, Lilia Maloratskiy, along with my husband, Igor Maloratskiy, combined our individual talents to form NYChristmasGifts.com. I’m a creative designer and he’s a photographer, so we both invested our visual and creative arts into this brand to create New York Christmas gifts unlike any other. He delivers images of New York and Christmas here through his lens whereas I enhance those images and add my own creative touch through my designs.

Over the years, Igor and I have enjoyed a lot of praise and success for NYChristmasGifts.com. We’ve also collaborated with companies like Barnes & Nobles, Lee’s Art Shop, the International Center of Photography, Rizzoli Bookstore, etc. and displayed our work at numerous art galleries.

Our love for this brand and creating unique Christmas gifts is a guaranteed promise to our customers that we will always look to provide designs, art prints, and more that you can truly cherish. We’ve forever updating our range to add new items – there’s so much about Christmas in New York to be inspired from!

Check our range of gifts today or find our blog at New York Christmas Gifts.

Thanks for coming and Happy Holidays from all of us at NY Christmas Gifts.