Card ID Card Title Card Image
HPC-2015 Freedom Tower Downtown Manhattan Freedom Tower Downtown Manhattan NY Christmas Card HPC2015
HPC-2016 Freedom Tower Panorama Downtown Manhattan Freedom Tower Panorama Downtown Manhattan NY Christmas Card HPC-2016
HPC-2019 Empire State Building BW Empire State Building BW NY Christmas Card HPC-2019
HPC-2066 Fall Flowerbed Central Park
HPC-2070 Chrysler Building Grand Central
HPC-2103 New York Landmarks Collage
HPC-2132 View Midtown Manhattan from Bench
HPC-2135 Sunset Midtown Manhattan
HPC-2142 Empire State Building New Yorker
HPC-2160 Statue of Liberty Downtown
HPC-2203 New Year Celebration Times Square
HPC-2205 Times Square North BW
HPC-2210 New York City Landmarks Collage
HPC-2227 47th Street and Broadway
HPC-2228 Yellow Cabs on Times Square II
HPC-2229 Little Brazil on Times Square
HPC-2243 Winter on Union Square
HPC-2245 Times Square North Now and Then
HPC-2256 Blizzard on Times Square
HPC-2263 Santa at Union Square Subway Station
HPC-2276 Times Square North
HPC-2280 Christmas Tree on Times Square
HPC-2285 Yellow Cab Flatiron Building
HPC-2286 Snow Times Square
HPC-2287 People Crossing Times Square Snow
HPC-2289 Winter Garden Snow Broadway
HPC-2301 Ropes of Brooklyn Bridge
HPC-2302 Snow Brooklyn Bridge
HPC-2303 Statue of Liberty BW
HPC-2304 Statue of Liberty Color
HPC-2306 Empire State Building Christmas
HPC-2307 Blizzard on Fifth Ave Washington Arch
HPC-2309 Sunset Midtown Manhattan
HPC-2311 Flatiron Building Winter
HPC-2312 5th Ave Clock at Flatiron Building
HPC-2315 Madison Garden Winter
HPC-2317 Brooklyn Bridge Station Winter
HPC-2323 North View From Empire State Building
HPC-2333 Santas Convention Grand Central Terminal
HPC-2335 Winter at Park Ave Grand Central
HPC-2351 Madison Square Gargen
HPC-2390 Snow Bryant Park
HPC-2392 Metropolitan Museum Winter
HPC-2393 Guggenheim Museum Winter
HPC-2413 Waverly Restaurant in Greenwich Village
HPC-2414 Waverly Restaurant on 6th Ave Vertical
HPC-2414 Vesuvio Bakery
HPC-2418 NYU Business School
HPC-2426 New York Stock Exchange
HPC-2427 Snow on Wall Street
HPC-2455 Blizzard Greenwich Village
HPC-2467 Santa on Bicycle
HPC-2492 Yellow Cab Washington Arch Winter
HPC-2494 Signs Times Square Winter
HPC-2516 Christmas Wreath on Grand Central
HPC-2563 Little Square Midtown Manhattan
HPC-2565 Galaxy Diner Winter
HPC-2567 Yellow Taxi and Bicycle in Snow
HPC-2720 Verrazano Bridge Panorama
HPC-2721 Tango by Verrazano Bridge
HPC-2722 Verrazano Bridge Panorama
HPC-2728 Verrazano Bridge Winter Panorama
HPC-2801 Central Park South Panorama
HPC-2802 Love Bridge Ducks in Central Park
HPC-2805 Winter Carriage Ride Central Park
HPC-2809 White Carriage Central Park
HPC-2809 Carriage Ride Central Park West
HPC-2814 Pond Love Bridge Central Park
HPC-2816 Love Bridge Central Park
HPC-2824 Wollman Rink Panorama Central Park
HPC-2829 West 4 Subway Station BW
HPC-2835 Yellow Cab and Carriage Central Park South Winter
HPC-2852 Red Carriage Central Park Snow
HPC-2853 Santa Coming from Bethesda Fountain
HPC-2864 Santa Walking on Poet Lane Central Park
HPC-2872 Gifts on Bench Central Park
HPC-2873 Central Park West Winter
HPC-2874 Santa On Bench Central Park West”
HPC-2886 Christmas Ornaments by Radio City
HPC-2902 Christmas Tree Washington Arch
HPC-2903 WTC and Washington Arch Winter
HPC-2911 Christmas Angels at Rockefeller
HPC-2912 Christmas Tree Rockefeller Center
HPC-2915 Brownstone Winter
HPC-2938 Atlas Rockefeller Center
HPC-2947 Stern School of Business NYU
HPC-2948 NYU Stern School of Business
HPC-2956 Rockefeller Center Skating Rink
HPC-2973 Washinton Square North Winter
HPC-2975 Santa on Brooklyn Bridge
HPC-2977 Brooklyn Bridge Snow
HPC-2979 Santa Watching Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge
HPC-2981 Santa at Brooklyn Bridge Station
HPC-2983 Santa Drinking Starbucks Coffee
HPC-2984 Santa Taking Break on Brooklyn Bridge

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