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Brooklyn Bridge

New York is an incredible city with so much to offer its residents and guests. It took hard hit recently but this city is resilient and will bounce back regardless of the problems and circumstances. We are professional photographers living and working here for the last 25 years. New York City’s landmarks and famous places […]

Christmas Display in Staten Island opened again!

New York Christmas Village Panorama

We continue our support of Staten Island Famous Christmas Display. Joe DiMartino (owner) raising funds for Children Cancer unit and we invite everybody to visit this amazing Christmas attraction and show your support for this great cause. We promise a lot of fun for a whole family. Please download flyer below for holiday schedule and […]

The Magic of Central Park NY in the Winter

It is the most famous nature playground in “the city that never sleeps,” estimated to be worth a mind-blowing $528,783,552,000! New York City’s Central Park is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world. The idea for Central Park came about in the mid 1800s when the city decided to set […]

Christmas Decor in Little Italy

Christmas Angels on Mulberry Street Little Italy New York

Holidays in New York make everything look different, more inviting and magical. Every neighborhood put up Christmas Decorations and we captured few decorated scenes from famous Little Italy in Downtown Manhattan. Magic is in the air! definitely worth a visit during your Holiday vacation.

Christmas Lights on Helmsley Building

Helmsley Building Christmas Lights on a Top

New York Getting Ready for Christmas and today we captured famous hi-rise building located at 230 Park Ave ( and 46th Street ) – Helmsley Building. It looks spectacular with a Red and Green, traditional Christmas, light show that was created to cover this building from top to bottom. Absolutely beautiful. Best view from Park […]

Joe DiMartino Christmas Miracle

Owner and designer Joe DiMartino

Stories behind Christmas… Every family has its own, but DiMartino story is truly inspirational. People see what they expect to see. Wouldn’t you be surprised to see exquisite, animated Christmas installation, that should be in Holiday Decorated windows of the most exclusive Manhattan stores, around a corner, on a quiet street, in the far south […]

Fall in Snug Harbor Park

Staten Island is also known as borough with a lot of parks. Snug Harbor is one of the most developed and fun places to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Children Museum, Music Hall, Chinese Garden and beautiful park are among main attractions of Snag Harbor but there even more to see and enjoy. […]

Empire State Building Lights

Empire State Building New York Christmas Ornament from NY Christmas Gifts

Empire State Building is one of the main New York City landmarks located in Midtown Manhattan at 5th Ave and 34th Street. Essential part of New York skyline this building is also famous by its ever-changing lights at the top, reflecting various colors related to current events or holidays. Check out beautiful light show we […]

Central Park

Snow on Poet Walk Central Park Art Print Poster NY MP-1146 post

Famous nature playground in a city that “never sleeps.” Central Park is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world, estimated to be worth a mind-blowing $528,783,552,000. . The history of Central Park goes back to the 1800’s when the city decided that it’s inhabitants would need some place to escape […]