NYC Landmarks Calendar 2020 12 Month by Igor Maloratsky


NYC Landmarks Calendar 2020 with 12 best pictures from well known photographer Igor Maloratskiy will be great addition to you home or office decor with the function of a wall calendar. The 12 month calendar features the following:

  • Cover – Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center Panorama and Downtown Manhattan
  • January – Blizzard on Times Square
  • February – Red Berries by Brooklyn Bridge
  • March – View at Downtown Manhattan from the Bench
  • April – Manhattan Midtown Sunset
  • May – Aerial View at Downtown Manhattan
  • June – Times Square Panorama
  • July – Freedom Tower – Downtown Manhattan Panorama
  • August – Brooklyn Bridge Sunset Panorama
  • September – WTC Brooklyn Bridge Memorial Lights
  • October – Flower Bed in Central Park
  • November – Zodiac Fountain in Central Park West
  • December – Santa on Poet Walk in Central Park

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